Alitap Island, Mauban, Quezon

20140427_172625 20140427_164902 20140427_164546 20140427_160718 20140425_110244 20140425_110600  20140425_165006 20140425_110115 20140425_105954 20140425_105708 20140425_105518 20140425_104817 20140425_104948 20140425_105155 20140425_105251 20140425_104756 20140424_161618 20140424_160455 20140424_113357 20140424_112242 20140424_112325 20140424_112515 20140424_112202 20140424_112416


  • Thank you Justine Lourdes for inviting me to this beautiful island.

So you like my photos? Aww thank you (sending my virtual hug to you)! And you’d like to use them? Sure but let me know by emailing me at before doing so, okay? 🙂 Thanks so much!

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