Life Marks on The Circle Hostel

Located at Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, The Circle Hostel has been the temporary haven of foreigners who love to wander, surfers and the like who are honing their skills, and cosmopolitans who are tired of the city. The interior and architecture comprised primarily of wood might be native and simple yet guests are drawn to its pleasant charm. If the hostel was a human, this person would be the uber friendly, open-minded, and adventurous soul you’ll remember when life becomes either tough or serious.

Bearing in mind that the lodgers not only carry with them a bag of tangible items but also a suitcase filled with experiences and knowledge, The Circle Hostel offers its walls for imprinting life motto and quirks. The entirety of the place has become the stone where individuals can carve the lessons of their journeys and chisel the humor of their personalities.  Reading every colorfully painted message on the wall will make you feel one with the world’s wandering strangers.

With over fifty life marks to choose from, I have chosen sixteen witty and funny messages because life is not meant to be taken seriously since you’ll never get out of it alive as said by Bugs Bunny.

  1. Forget about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 1
  2. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi…. 2
  3. Because lemons are overrated.
  4. And the best pick-up line goes to… The waves!4
  5. And also with you. 5
  6. *@c%! yeah! 6
  7.  Pag may alak, may balak. 7a

    On this image: “PAG AYAW PILITIN”
  8. Must have been drunkenly written. 8
  9. Makes sense. 9
  10. Could be a tagline of a make-up brand. 10
  11. May pinaghuhugutan.
  12. Come on bubble butt! 12
  13. Ang challenge ni Kuya ay…. 13
  14. WI + WN = L  14
  15. Better than what? Hello?! What?! Oh, now I get it.15
  16. What to tell creepy stalkers. 16

Allow me to give the authors of the painted life marks a fitting credit for their messages have created a significant impact on every person who has been lost in this world’s crazy antics.

Have something to impart to fellow wanderers? Experience a world without strangers in The Circle Hostel. Visit or call +63917.832.6253 for more information.

The Circle Hostel La Union is located at Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, Philippines.


A big thank you to The Circle Hostel’s Rafael Oca who have been such a pleasant and kind host 🙂

Another big thank you to Aldous Calubad who organized the event 🙂

So you like my photos? Aww thank you (sending my virtual hug to you)! And you’d like to use them? Sure but let me know by emailing me at before doing so, okay? 🙂 Thanks so much!

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