Shooting A Cardboard Over Zombies

Yes, I’ve pulled the trigger more than I can remember. It always felt good, the sight of their guts blasted out of their pathetic lives (if I can call it one) makes me exhilarated. Why do I shoot them? They’re mere existence enrage me. But the real reason is that I’m frightened of them because I know that they will devour me for their appetizing pleasure. And I will be forced to swipe my Timezone card to restore my life and avenge my death. I just hate zombies!

Have I ever pulled the trigger of a real gun? No, and I would never have imagined doing so (unless on a zombie apocalypse). There is something intimidating and terrifying about a gun simply because it can take away a life. However, when a gun is used in a proper manner, it is a sport that improves mental and physical discipline. I’m glad to have been invited by Ms. Jinky Tallod and RMDC through my blogger friend Apple Ochon, for my first real target shooting experience at the indoor Stronghand Shooting Range. Its safe, clean, and family-friendly environment makes it an ideal venue for beginners because video game shooting is way different from the real deal.

1. Instead of entering right in the middle of a deserted warzone, you will arrive in a nice lobby with a café called “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.”


2. Instead of self-discovering the ways of handling a gun, you will be taught by an accredited range safety officer (RSO NROI) like Chief Randy about proper firearm handling and gun safety.


3. Instead of holding a gun made of mere plastic, you will use a REAL GUN.

  • A real gun is reloaded not by shaking or pointing it outside the screen but by inserting bullets in the magazine.
  • A real gun emits smoke and ejects the empty shell once it is fired so Stronghand Shooting Range only uses toxic-free formulated ammo .
  • A real gun produces a loud popping sound similar to that of fireworks.
  • A real gun has recoil thus it is important to hold it properly.


4. Instead of shooting at moving objects, you will aim at the red circle on the cardboard – and this will be enough to give you a rush of adrenaline.


Are you ready to use a real gun? Aim yourself at Stronghand Shooting Range! Visit or call +632.721.7174 for more information.

Stronghand Shooting Range is located at La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Cubao Quezon City.


A big thank you to Ms. Jinky Tallod, RMDC, and the Stronghand Shooting Range team for this experience! It was such a blast! 🙂



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