Clark Trail

Some families like to watch movies; several savor dishes in fancy restaurants; and, others enjoy shopping at malls. But not our family, bonding to us means braving the automobile ruled roads, enduring the man-and-nature-made inclines, and following a narrow grassy pathway on our individually and manually operated two-wheeled vehicles. ­­­Every weekend and holiday in or out of the metro, more often than not, you will see a line comprised of seven mountain bikers led by my mother, followed by my youngest brother with my father at his side, then my second to the youngest brother who I keep an eye on in front of my younger sister who is tailed by my younger brother.  A thousand pedals and turns have brought us to uncharted territories and breathtaking scenery – our family’s secret places.

I want to share our bike adventures to let everyone know that the world is truly an amazing place if you just keep on pedaling.

Location: Clark, Pampanga




During the World War II, this area was once been an airfield where the first Kamikaze aircraft took off. Proposed by the local historian and artist Daniel Dizon, a memorial continues to stand today to commemorate the Japanese pilots who offered their lives for their country’s sake.

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Note: Photos were taken with a smartphone and enhanced with Snapseed.

So you like my photos? Aww thank you (sending my virtual hug to you)! And you’d like to use them? Sure but let me know by emailing me at before doing so, okay?  🙂 Thanks so much!

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