Following Bill

A day after the media broadcasted that Forbes listed world’s richest man who is famously known as the co-founder of Microsoft was in the Philippines, specifically in the country’s premier university for agriculture; we excitedly headed to Los Baños. Although it was later announced that Bill Gates was already in Palawan, we wanted to see what he came for in Laguna’s University of the Philippines.

The campus of UP Los Baños boasts of a vast land of luscious vegetation alongside architectural buildings. For a graduate of a university with only the soccer field considered as the campus’ greenery, I envy the students breathing in fresh air while leisurely walking towards their next class in one of the buildings.

The road leading to International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) where Gates visited, is lined with trees alongside tall rice and corn stalks growing on a field. Unfortunately public entry in the (IRRI ) is not allowed so we parked our bikes under a tree beside the road closest to the gate and could only imagine the extensive study being done for every Filipino’s main staple food.

Check out the photos of this bike adventure below!

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Note: Photos were taken with a point and shoot camera and enhanced with Snapseed.

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