3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Galli Village Café

Tucked away from Makati’s hustle and bustle, situated on the ground floor of a hostel and across a church, Galli Village Café has become a neighborhood favorite. For three years, it has captivated taste buds with its homemade style Spanish and Filipino cuisine and charmed its way through its cozy and humble interior. Owner Christine Arriola, happily shared what makes this small restaurant, big in people’s hearts.

1. A venue where he “pops the question.”

An image of Galli Village Café from outside


As of date, Galli Village Café has played a part in three marriage proposals which all have resulted to sweet Yeses. Arriola narrates one proposal she witnessed that happened late last year. The scene started with the girlfriend arriving at the restaurant to meet the boyfriend. The usual giving of the menu, ordering food, waiting for the order, and arriving of the dishes took place. As the couple enjoyed their meals, the restaurant guests started to become noisy to the point of bothersome so the man had to request them to tone it down a bit. But to no avail, the couple was getting agitated so the man had to repeat his demand. Then suddenly the guests started singing and the man chimed in, the lady watched in confusion. Before she could ask, “What’s going on?” the man kneeled in front of her and asked the three words that would lead to forever, “Will you marry me?”

2. The decors mean something.

The image used to represent the Galli Village Café and the photographs taken by Arriola’s husband


Upon entering Galli Village, one would notice the immense photos and ornaments covering the walls. On one side of the wall, there’s a mix of photos including a plated dish, a dining establishment, and even people eating inside a restaurant. On the other side, there’s a wooden décor featuring a line of women wearing colorful sarongs while carrying baskets on top of their heads. What’s going here? Arriola explains that the inception of the restaurant sprouted from her need of a storage for souvenirs obtained from various travels and her husband’s need of a gallery to flaunt his photographs. A closer look on the eclectic decors is a framed colorful illustration of a cobblestone village with a café named “Galli.” Arriola shares that the portrait has been created by a friend and it has been used as an image to represent the Galli Village Café.

3. Who makes the bestseller Paella Valenciana?

An image of Christine Arriola with Chef Linda Aznar


Behind every great dining establishment is a passionate cook, meet Chef Linda Aznar. Her positive and caring aura is comparable to that of a “nanay’s” which may be the reason why the food in Galli Village Café has that taste that reminds you of home. Chef Linda Aznar has been part of Arriola’s family for a long time; prior to working in well-known restaurants, she worked in the dining establishment that her husband’s family owned before.


Galli Village Café Makati is located at the ground floor of the YMCA Hotel (in front of National Shrine of Sacred Heart Church), 7 Sacred Heart St., San Antonio Village, Makati City. For more information and reservations contact +63916.411.1248. The restaurant is open daily from 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM.


Acknowledgements: Thank you Mrs. Christine Arriola and Aldous Calubad



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