Instagram-worthy Restaurants in Bali

Aside from taking #foodporn photos, it would be nice to acknowledge the effort that dining establishments have put in their architectural design and interior decoration as to garner “Instagram-worthy” images.  As Bali continues to thrive as a melting pot, the creative juice that spills from within has transformed its restaurants, bars, and cafes into places that not only serve great food but boast of unique dining and drinking experiences. Below is a short list of “Instagram-worthy” palatable establishments in Bali.

1. Potato Head Beach Club


Located in the “Fort-like” area of Bali, this is the place to be seen, to meet people, and to use that 100,000 rupiah – trust me, it’s worth every cent.

  • Location: Click me!                                                                                                                       
  • Website:            

2.  W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak


Another “happening place” (so expect a “happening price” as well) located just beside Potato Head, catch the #balisunset while lounging on the cabana or a beanbag with a cocktail on one hand – oh life.

  • Location:  Click me!                                                                                                                     
  • Website:

3. La Plancha


If you’re tired of that fancy shmancy, you’re going to love this hipster beach bar and restaurant. This is the place to strike an intelligent conversation about nature, books, and the world with your beanbag neighbor. If being a mysterious individual is your style, simply sip on less-than-100,000 rupiah-drinks while planted on a beanbag as you wait for the #balisunset – just perfect.

  • Location: Click me!                                                                                                                               
  • Website:

4. Bebek Bengil in Ubud


In English, it means “Dirty Duck Diner”, but let me attest that the restaurant [fortunately] does not live to its negative translation. There is no spectacle of dirt on their unforgettable crispy mouthwatering fried duck to be enjoyed within an authentic Balinese outdoor setting. Eating here is the perfect reward for climbing Ubud temples’ tiring flight of stairs.

  • Location:  Click me!                                                                                                                               
  • Website:

5. The Junction Restaurant Bali


You won’t miss this restaurant, it’s located right on a junction – get it? The restaurant has that sophisticated ambiance but eases diners with quirks placed here and there.

  • Location:  Click me!                                                                                                                                   
  • Website:

6. The Lookout (Formerly known as Lakeview Restaurant)


This place will remind you of Tagaytay. Away from the busy Kuta and situated on top of a high altitude, this restaurant gives you a panoramic view of Bali’s natural Eden wherein the active volcano of Mount Batur is complemented with a beautiful crater lake.

  • Location: Click me!                                                               
  • Website:

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